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With our extensive experience in technical and commercial aspects, we are capable of achieving excellent results, using creative and effective solutions. This is why Mango Media Ads was born with a primary objective: Get campaigns connected to quality Publishers and Marketplaces in the Mobile and Web ecosystem.

Our services help brands and companies expand their business using the online advertising environment. We are devoted to create better opportunities to advertisers, agencies & publishers.



What can we do for you?


With advanced targeting technologies we reach the desired audiences.
Our dedicated account managers work on a daily basis with our clients planning the best ways to get the ideal results through the right combination of Optimization, analysis and monitoring of the online campaigns.

Some of our display solutions are:
CPM - Dynamic CPM - Performance (CPA, CPC, CPL) - Behavioral.
  • North America45%
  • Europe30%
  • LATAM15%
  • ROW10%


Using our expertise in mobile advertising our purpose is to provide all of our mobile clients with the specific tools to complement their business models.
We know that the key to a successful campaign is segmentation; take a look at our mobile options; we will help you to get the right audience at the right time.

Geo-targeting - Language - Specific channels and sites - Time & date - Type of browser & operating system - Age & gender.
  • North America45%
  • Europe25%
  • LATAM20%
  • ROW10%


Does your business have a social media strategy?
We could make your goals as concrete, measurable and achievable as possible with clear ideas and defined objectives:
- Improve customer retention
- Protect your brand in time of crisis
- Influence consumers to prefer your brand over others
- Influence consumers to try a new product idea / concept.


This segmentation technique anonymously tracks user s web activity, letting us know which websites were visited and which actions had been made. With that information we create clusters which are groups of users that concur in the same activities, taking into account sites they visited, identifying entities and multiple languages among other characteristics. This allows us to identify specific segments and profiles, in favor of making the message more relevant to the user and get higher results.


As more and more advertisers are allocating budgets towards video advertising, publishers are starting to realize the potential of this rewarding monetization opportunity. We invite website owners to add engaging videos and hit high CPM rates through a range of premium brand safe campaigns from around the world. We comply with the industry’s highest and most restricted verification requirements and use real time advanced fraud detection and optimization tools to ensure that our advertisers budget are spent efficiently within safe and high quality inventory.

Devices we support:
Mobile (In App - Mobile Web)
Connected TV (CTV)
Ad Formats we support:
In-stream (Pre-roll / Mid-roll / Post-Roll)
Out-stream (In-banner)


We are integrated into the best advertising platforms, where agencies and advertisers can access a wide variety of inventory. Working through a Real Time Bidding model, our optimization algorithms allow us to point the campaigns to the most valuable impressions, high CTR's and ROI's are the result of this great alternative.


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